Hello! I’m Alex Wolf and I am a C# .NET developer. I’ve been working as a programmer for several years and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Currently I work in the financial industry doing server side development.  I love constantly learning new things – it’s impossible to run out of new ideas and opportunities in this field.  I specialize in MVC and recently obtained my Microsoft Certification on this topic.  I have a strong interest in some open source projects built on MVC, such as NopCommerce and Orchard.  I also have a fair amount of SharePoint experience due to my current employment situation.  Building Sharepoint Apps (with MVC?) is another one of my current ventures.  I am also looking at expanding my work into plugins and products that are publicly available.

I have additional experience working with Javascript, HTML & CSS, XML, and other general web technologies.  I also have worked with SQL Server a fair amount – the company I work for deals heavily with data driven applications.  I really enjoy working on applications that do interesting things with deep architecture and code.  I’m not much of a graphic designer but working with Motion Graphics and Computer Animation is another side hobby of mine.  In my free time I also love to read and invest in other nerdy things.

I created this site because I have been learning a lot of new things lately.  Many of those things were difficult to learn due to their fairly specific nature and thus a lack of extensive documentation or examples.  I hope to share a lot of my findings with others and ease the learning process for people just starting out in various technologies.  Keep checking back for more training and articles!